How do I grow a new blog website in 2023? (for beginners)

How do I grow a new blog website in 2023? (for beginners)

  If you want to know what blogging is in 2023 or you want to learn about blogging in 2023, we'd love to take the time to explain how it would be difficult in 2023.

You may already gain some knowledge about blogging or having your own website but how difficult it is in 2023 maybe you don't know. Be relaxed and read this article carefully one by one words can be priceless for you. Because this article is completely written by admin (human), not AI (Artificial intelligence). Nowadays internet is full of AI content which is why there are less user-friendly articles.

Starting a blog or website and ranking on Google in 2023 may be a great challenge for every new creator because the number of blog creators has increased by 71% from 2018 to 2023. The creators are increasing now competition is very tough to rank your new blog or website in 2023.

Here are some Golden Blogger guides that can rank you on Google's first page overnight. Today I am going to explain the power of SEO, Backlinks, User-friendly content, SEO-friendly content, Image SEO, Blog Design, and Other many things that every new blogger must know.

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is search engine optimization. There are a lot of definitions of SEO but I have some easy examples that every new blogger can understand easily. SEO is the way that you can tell Google through Google bots what are you writing. If your content or blog has no SEO google bots won't recognize what actually you are trying to say or what you are writing.

By using smart SEO techniques, we can rank our pages higher in Google search results than we can get Organic visitors to our site. We can optimize our content using SEO for example: Designs, keyword targeting, best practices, and no plagiarised content that Google likes the most.

There are more types of SEO but in the beginning, you just need to learn about these three important types of SEO. 
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
On-page SEO is also called content optimization. On-page SEO is about making your web content better for search engines. You do this by using the right words (keywords) in your content, organizing your page well, and creating interesting and useful content that people like. When you do these things right, search engines will show your page higher in their results. Internal linking, external linking, and metadata are also included in On-page SEO but in this beginner's guide, we won't explain it for now.

Off-page SEO is also called content promotion or site promotion. Create backlinks, guest posting, paid promotion, link building, social signals, and anything you do outside your site management called Off-page SEO. The main step of Off-page SEO is backlink building. You can build backlinks by guest posting, paid promotion, and social signals. Social signals are the most powerful source for backlink building and driving traffic to your site. Make videos and posts for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram, just put your site link to drive traffic on your site.

Technical SEO is the most powerful type of SEO. In Technical SEO we need to improve security, site speed, accessibility, schema markup, and Lazy Loading. 

How do I grow a new blog website in 2023? (for beginners)

Security: This is like locking the door of your secret room with a strong and big lock. You want to keep out the bad guys who might try to break in and mess things up.
Site Speed: Think of this as making sure your secret base is like a super-fast sports car. People like websites that load quickly, so they don't have to wait around.
Accessibility: Imagine your secret base has a magical door that anyone, even if they have special needs, can open easily. You want your website to be like that magical door so that everyone can use it.
Schema Markup: This is like adding labels to everything inside your secret base, so if someone is looking for something specific, they can find it easily. It's like putting tags on your stuff.
Lazy Loading: This is a clever trick. Instead of showing everything in your secret base at once, you show only what someone needs to see right now. It's like giving them one room at a time instead of the whole place. This makes your website load even faster.


Hey fellow bloggers, as you begin this exciting journey, here's my simple advice: Start with these important things in Technical SEO when you're new. Don't rush into advanced blogging stuff at the start. Making a strong, safe, and user-friendly blog is the step to success in blogging. After you've learned these basics, you can visit more advanced SEO ideas later.

Think of blogging as a big adventure, not a quick race. Take your time, connect with your readers, and you'll be a master in blogging to become a successful blogger.

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